Perspective House Design Cebu

Perspective house design in Cebu Philippines depend on the clients needs and want  in building their dream house into reality.  We are at your side to give assessment and consultation during the process of building your dream house. The client must feel and sense the touch of the finish product of the dream house into reality.  This requires time and money during the process of investment.

We want to inform you that before customized all the details in your house such as color , dimensions , tiles and several architectural design in your  house  – kitchen , living room ,master bedroom ,  balcony , comfort room and etc.

This will consume more time before we can finalize the design of your dream house . This needs  constant communication both parties.

The standard time line is between ( 30 to 45 days ) to finalize the design.   

When you avail our services in full customized  house design.


You get the the following benefits:

1.) You save money and time in the construction.

2.) You will know in advance the detailed finish project of your dream house.

3.) You are peace of mind because you get what you want in the customized designed of your dream house.


We will be asking for a bond payment depend on the area and scope of the detailed of the perspective design of your house

Your investment in your customized house design will have a good quality of your house during the construction period.

“The bond payment will be return back once you avail our services from the start of project until finish of the construction. ”