How much is the cost of 22sq.meter interior design in Cebu City ?

This is Jazzi from the online marketing support of Ribros Builder and Design.  The estimation for 22 sq.meter  for the interior design studio type condo is between 150,000 peso to 400,000 peso. For the pricing of 150,000 peso interior design painting , tiles  and furniture not that appliances are not included.

We assure you get the best of your investment. We make your dreams into reality.

From the price range from 300,000 peso to 400,000 peso appliances are already included.  The price goes up when all of your furniture and appliances are high quality standard or branded type. For business smart you go on the middle price range from 200,000 peso to 300,000 peso. Good enough that your condo units will be easily rented because it is high value of interior design. Sometimes you want to save money during the process of interior design so you do it your self with less experience the result will be poor and luck of beauty and elegant. The best is hire the Ribros builder and design giving you high quality of satisfaction. Your condo unit are rented because of professional interior design because help you during the process. The return of invested is not wasted but profit return is high.

Which do you consider value do it your self or hire Ribros builder and design to achieved best quality standard ? Start now!


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