1.) I need estimation to build a house ? Please provide lot plan and send in our email so you we will know the shape of your property.  We will schedule for appointment to visit the location area so we will know the situation of the land.

2.) I need estimation for my condo unit ? If you have a floor area please send in our email for fast estimation. If you don’t have floor plan we will visit the location area and measure the area.  We will schedule for appointment to visit the location area specially for interior design.

3.) I am out of the country but need estimate.  If you have a copy of  lot plan , perspective design and video send in our email. We also want to know the delegated person whom you can trust to assist us for the estimation.

4.) Do you make perspective house design? YES. We are at your side to give assessment and consultation during the process of building your dream house. The client must feel and sense the touch of the finish product of the dream house into reality. This requires time and money during the process of investment.

We want to inform you that before customized all the details in your house such as color , dimensions , tiles and several architectural design in your house – kitchen , living room ,master bedroom , balcony , comfort room and etc.

We will be asking for a bond payment depending on the size of the floor plan and total area property.

The bond payment will be return back when you avail our services from the start of project until finish of the construction.

The standard time line is between ( 30 to 45 days ) to finalize the design.


Information you want to know :

Time Frame to finish the project Example: ( 120 to 200 sq.meter ) :  8 month to 10 month

Blue Print or Working Drawing ( Electrical , Plumbing , Structural Design and etc ) Sealed and sign by all license engineers

Estimate Time Frame releasing building permit ( Office of the Building Offices – OBO ) : 30 to 60 days

If you want to start the project 1st Quater of the year 2019 between ( January to April ). It is best to get all paper works ready.

Terms of Payment:

40 % – Complete papers. To start of the project.

30 % – Middle of the project

20 % – Semi Final of the project

10% – Acceptance and Final turn over of the house.


Looking forward to serve you. Call or email us for any questions !